Researcher Details

Lluhíde Hasegawa Nina

Affiliation Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University
Designation Professor
Specialization Area Studies , Literature in general
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Research Interest Comparative literature and culture, Popular publications in late 19th and early 20th century Mexico, Comparative study of cultural values in Japan and Latin America
Keywords J.G.ポサダ, メキシコの印刷文化,アイデンティティの形成の問題,浮世絵や歌舞伎,グローバル時代におけるラテンアメリカ,独立以後19世紀末までのメキシコの印刷文化,メキシコの先住民の笑い, 大衆文化, 文化のアイデンティティ
Relation with Nichibunken
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