How to Use this Database

This page offers a brief guide on how to use this database effectively and efficiently.

Search from the search field

  1. You may search a keyword by entering a partial or full character string of the researcher's name, institution name, research field, research interest, or research keywords in the search field provided in the top page. Please place a space between the first and last name while searching by a researcher name.
  2. When searching for a particular researcher, you may search by entering either the first or last name. If you are searching a researcher from a particular university or institution, you can do so by either entering the full name or part of the name. For example, for searching researchers affiliated to “International Research Center for Japanese Studies,” you may either enter this full name of just part of it, like “International Research Center.”
  3. By selecting a specific area of expertise/discipline, you can also narrow down your search results to all the researchers who specialize in that particular field.
  4. While searching by keywords related to research interests, you may just enter important terminologies, rather than lengthy sentences for better results.
  5. While searching by entering specific keywords related to research interests, you may do so by entering both Japanese and English terminologies. For example, you may enter: 古典性, 平安時代, ナショナリズム, Postcolonialism, Mobility. Please note that all your queries may not fetch results as the amount of data registered now is limited. However, we are continuously working to add new data.
  6. Tagging functionality of the “field of research” item provided in the "Researcher Details" page has been provided for further search and sorting. You can search for researchers who specialize in a particular area by narrowing down the area of expertise by clicking the “field of research.”
  7. Moreover, if the registered researcher in this database has previously collaborated with the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (NICHIBUNKEN) as a team research member, then the details are provided in the "Researcher Details" page.

Search from Consortium Members List

  1. You can also search researcher affiliated with a member or associate member institution of the Consortium from the “Search from Consortium Members” provided in the lower part on the top page.
  2. Click on the “+” button next to “Search from Consortium Members” to display the full list of the Consortium’s member institutions. Then click on the member institution that you wish to check and go to the list of researchers affiliated to that institution to find the details of individual researcher.