Researcher Details

Tamon Suzuki

Affiliation Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies
Designation Researcher
Specialization Japanese history
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Research Interest The End of World War II and the Shape of the Postwar System
Keywords 昭和天皇,終戦,天皇,宮中,昭和天皇実録,降伏,占領,御前会議,統帥権,内大臣,木戸幸一,東条内閣,鈴木貫太郎内閣,対ソ外交,ポツダム宣言,ソ連参戦,連合国
Relation with Nichibunken FY2014-2015 "Japanese Military Strategy towards East Asian Society: The Second Sino-Japanese War Era" Team Research Member
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